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Day 4 – Step 2 : Cafayate – Fiambala

To the South and the discovery of the Fiambala’s sand


Fiambala, April 9th 2014Today the Roses are going south to begin this second stage that, as many other rallies-raid, starts with a long road connection before the special stage.

Desert panoramas and long roads in the middle of mountains have kept the Roses busy for the first 440km. Once on the tracks they have understood that it was worth waiting. The entrance to the canyon is extraordinary! Just as they would in the far west, the yellow, orange and red colours shine on the vehicles. Even if it was to difficult to exit the canyon – many vehicles got stuck in the sand and the first shovels and plates were needed – the Roses have once again demonstrated their solidarity.

For this special stage that was meant to be an initiation to the Argentinean sand, sharp driving skills were necessary. The pilots have really enjoyed it and the co-pilots haven’t had a lot of time to rest: few tracks, soft white dunes and the off-track sector of the mountain slopes.

By the end of the day, the Roses have had the chance to be welcomed by a very warm local population. They all gathered their maracas and offered their most beautiful smiles to the girls.

After a long day on the tracks, the adventurers have finally arrived to the superb bivouac set at the foothill of the Andes. The Dakar logisticians have made sure the Roses will find comfort and rest in this bivouac before the crucial and eagerly awaited stage know as the Rio Grande Tour.