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Days 6 & 7: marathon stage

24 hours on their own over the Highlands of Antofagasta.

Salta, April 14th 2014 – The first Trophée Roses des Andes has been crossing Argentina for 5 days  now. The 5 special stages ended with the mythical marathon stage, during which the Roses remained day, the girls woke up the heart of the village of Anfogasta. In this authentic village, the girls have been able to meet the local population. Around 9 o’clock, the last stage was about to start and triggered excitement for some Roses and apprehension for others. The Roses were about to leave for 24 hours on their own in the heart of the Antofagasta highlands.

For the first edition, the marathon stage, mythical stage for our rally-raids, has crossed over fabulous landscapes. For over 5 days, the girls have been driving over different regions and sectors, today won’t be different and they will enjoy a large variety of views. They have crossed kilometres over sand tracks, mountain roads, “salares” and a lunar desert. This stage had many surprises ready for the competitors: once again the race was intimately linked to altitude and “Martian” landscapes.

The Salta region authorities consider the Trophée Roses des Andes as the feminine Dakar. During the last 24 hours the Roses have remained on their own; several teams spent the night under the stars and others slept in Argentinean homes. The local population was glad to see the Roses pass along and many generously opened their doors and offered them to spend the night. The next day, the Roses jumped back into their vehicles to reach Salta. The circle was complete and upon arrival under the arch everybody witnessed deep emotions.

The first Trophée Roses of the Andes means a lot for the competitors, now it is time to wait for the ranking results and celebrate the adventure these amazing women just went through.