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Welcome to Salta – Village Departure 2015


Things are getting started.

Yesterday, by the end of the afternoon, the 108 participants to the 2nd edition arrived in Salta. They looked tired after a long journey and a short night of sleep; however, they could settle down at the 5 star hotel Alejandro I upon arrival. This morning, as they woke up they forgot all about the travel fatigue and they were all very excited in the Village.
Today’s schedule: random 4WD drawing, distribution of security kits, technical controls, installation of the geolocation system, administrative controls, medical control, repatriation insurance, gifts gathering and meeting with the members of the Enfants du Désert association.

At 1pm, the participants and organizers attended the official speeches given by the Race Director and the representatives of the local authorities. Around Jean-Jacques and Géraldine REY, founders of the Trophée Roses des Andes, many personalities were present: Mr Mariano Ovejero, Culture and Tourism Minister of Salta, Fernando Garcia Soria, Secretary for Tourism, Estanislao Villanueva, Under-Secretary for Tourism Promotion, and Ms Silva Magno, President of the association for Tourism in Salta and Elena Cataldi Founder of the association Equinoterapia del Azul. They unanimously warmly welcomed the Roses and congratulated them on their participation to the rally. Through their applauses, the Roses thanked them for their kind welcome. The ceremony ended with a picture where all the participants gathered around Mr Minister.

The 1st briefing was held at 6.30pm. In front of them, Jean-Jacques Rey, Race Director de Course, Julien Letullier Sport Director and Leslie Lesot, Ranking Manager explained the general race rules. On paper, it looks simple: using a compass and the roadbook, they will need to reach the arrival arch with a minimum of kilometres at the counter, respecting the kilometre reference limit, the race check points and the general race rules. Nevertheless, it is only simple on paper: this is a real rally race. What the Roses are about to live is far from what they can imagine; the unique experience of the Trophée Roses des Andes will mark them forever. The splendid landscapes as well as the race challenges they will have to face are part of this inimitable adventure. Vigilance is recurrent during the briefing. Examples of the 1st edition are set: it will require judgement not to succumb to the temptation to follow certain shortcuts. The race will not be easy to win, driving and navigation will need to be precise and the participants will have to pay a lot of attention to the different judicious shortcut possibilities. The stage is set and the tone has been given, things can get started.